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Mixcoatl - The God of Hunt and War

    The historical Quetzalcoatl was probably born around AD 947. His mother was Xochiquetzal and his father was Mixcoatl, the ruler of the Toltecs. He was originally named Ce Acatl Topitzin, meaning "Our Prince Born on Ce Acatl," then later being an important Toltec holiday. His birth was immediately preceded by a horrendous family tragedy, the father having been murdered by a jealous brother named Ihuitmal. The unborn child's pregnant mother, Chimalma, fled to Tepoztlan. Before dying in childbirth, Chimalma declared that her infant son was divinely conceived because she had swallowed a piece of blue-green jade. Raised by his grandparents, Ce Acatl Topitzin was sent to a religious school at Xochicalco. There his teachers were so impressed with his wisdom that they gave him the name of Quetzalcoatl. Meaning "plumed serpent." This was a prestigious title given to persons whose behavior shows signs of an exalted state such as that attained by a saint or a sage. Returning to Tula, Quetzalcoatl defied his usurping uncle by burying the remains of his father with the ceremony to which he was entitled. He then took over as new leader of the Toltecs by pushing the unpopular Ihuitmal into a sacrificial fire.